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B2B Rocks - June 9 to 10, 2022 - Montpellier

Prepare your arrival at B2B Rocks
Note: no need to print your badge, we'll give it to you at checkin when you arrive!

Download the event App!

B2B Rocks mobile App

1. Download the Eventmaker Companion App

2. Log in with your email address

3. Start using the App!
  • Prepare your stay: Have a look at Hotels and Taxis to come to the Event
  • Access your QR Code to sign in at the venue entrance
  • Check out B2B Rocks' program and book sessions you're interested in
  • Connect with the community to chat and book 1:1 meetings

What I need to know

Taxis, Uber : book it in advance

VIP Dinner: Be ready on June 8 at 7pm

VIP Check-in: starts at 7:30am both on June 9 and 10.

A VIP Space is at your disposal to get ready, enjoy a quiet moment and take a breath before & after your talk.

Dress code: chill out! The event is festival-style in the Domaine de Biar meadow: no need for high heels, but don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

Free cloakroom: we'll take care of your luggage - focus on networking & the conferences!

Hungry? Help yourself to one of the food trucks! Vegetarian & GF options available.

Don't leave too soon! A closing party is waiting for you on June 10 at 6:30 p.m!
Get your money back from cashless! 💸
Step 1: Go to Espace Cashless and click on: "Vous n'avez pas de compte ? S'inscrire ici."
Step 2: Fill in an email and password of your choice, and the number code on the back of your B2B Rocks' cashless card.
Step 3: Go to: "Mon compte"
Step 4: Fill in the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) information and click on "Remboursement du solde restant"
Step 5: (If you require a receipt) Go to "Mon solde", all your orders are listed there.
Click on "Détails" to access the receipt.
Any question? Drop us an email at office@b2brocks.co

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