Based in Berlin, Authenteq provides the market’s 1st fully automated eKYC™ solution that verifies the identity of users/customers online in just 35 seconds. The Authenteq international team is guided by CEO–Katarzyna Kazimierczak-Mrowińska.

Authenteq's eKYC solution is customizable and can be configured to fit our customers’ needs. Our highly scalable solution allows 1,500 verifications per minute, verifying over 9,000 documents in 138 languages globally. The verification process requires only one piece of government-issued ID, a selfie, and a liveness check. We offer age verification, and also, through our partners, AML on blockchain analytics. Authenteq has received numerous awards and honors including 30 Best Startup at Slush, 30 Best Compliance Companies, 35 Top Identity Management Startups, and Top 11 Fraud Detection Companies in Germany. We have strategic partnerships in place with companies like Nethone, Coinfirm, and Tatum.