Lukky Ahmed

Lukky Ahmed

Co-founder & CEO

Climate X

Lukky is co-founder & CEO of Climate X, a member of Forbes Business Council, and several Climate-focused initiatives including Leaders for Climate Action. He has over 15 years of international experience with leading Banking and Financial Services including HSBC, Hang-Seng, Lloyds Banking Group and Accenture. Having spent time meeting entrepreneurs in New York during 2018/19, Lukky’s own entrepreneurial light was finally switched on, and in 2020, he embarked on a journey with his co-founder to build Climate X – a data analytics company that delivers solutions for the existential threat that climate change poses to the global economy. He has now led multi-million dollar fundraising rounds for Climate X, securing investment from some of the world’s best venture capital, family office and angels. Outside of Climate X, Lukky is a vocal advocate of Diversity & Inclusion and gives time to support founders embarking on their journey into the startup ecosystem. In his spare time, you’ll find him tinkering with music, enjoying theatre and exploring the world.


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Climate Tech: what is it and how will it transform the B2B space?

2022 - Panel ImpactStartup
06/09/2022 | 12:00 - 12:40

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