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What is B2B Rocks?

B2B Rocks, the phygital community for SaaS
B2B Rocks brings together the world's Tech and SaaS leaders. With growth as its core theme, B2B Rocks offers content made by and for entrepreneurs


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Our values

Oddly enough even in the digital world everything comes back to people. B2B Rocks exists to put people and ideas together to spur growth.


Whether you are a SaaS start-up or an established executive in a large company, growth, both personal and professional is in your DNA and the key to your future success.


B2B Rocks is not just another event! B2B Rocks' ambition is to help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs learn from the stars of today’s SaaS industry. By making those SaaS stars accessible to any participant, B2B Rocks helps form the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.
Our roundtables, braindates (one on one meetings), and conferences have been designed so that the SaaS community can interact with people who have been there and made it work.


Women are underrepresented in the SaaS industry (representing less than 20% of the industry's workforce and even less for executives). Inclusivity, linked to increasingly important concepts like fairness and hope, is a strategic issue. In collaboration with our partners, B2B Rocks strives to put forward actions to break the SaaS glass ceiling because a rising tide should lift all boats.


B2B leaders
exclusive speakers
international VCs


A global event putting SaaS Growth in the spotlight
B2B Rocks is the best human-focused event in Europe for B2B and SaaS startups. "100% no-nonsense" guaranteed.

What to expect?

50 keynotes
A Keynote lasts 25 minutes, and is hosted by one of our rockstars, who will present their insight on strategic industry topics. The audience will be able to take advantage of the keynote speaker's expertise on a variety of subjects.
20 roundtables
The roundtables are also "on stage". This is a 40-minute format in which our speakers present a topic in the form of a group work session.
2 days of networking
B2B Rocks provides a condensed version of strategic information for decision-makers in the Tech and SaaS sector and above all an opportunity to meet, exchange, and network in a friendly atmosphere.
A new location
Montpellier, also know as the upcoming Silicon Valley of France, is located only 10 km from beautiful mediteranean beaches and is also the SaaS capital of Southern Europe. B2B Rocks will be held at the exclusive Domaine de Biar, surrounded by a stunning 100+ acre park.
2 exclusive days
The event is purposefully limited to 1000 founders, investors and executives, encouraging the best networking opportunities and highly valuable discussions.

previous editions retrospective


B2B Rocks was first held at Station F in Paris for its first two editions organized by Alex Delivet.


B2B Rocks later moved to Sydney to reach the SaaS community in the Asia Pacific region.


In 2021, the pandemic allowed the rise of a 100% digital format that brought together about 2000 players in the sector.
The B2B Rocks Band!


Charlotte Goyard

EventMaker Addict

Mattéo Augereau

The Website Guy

Amélie Bouvier

Spiced Porc And Meat Expert

Lucas Bourdallé

The Website Doc


Colin Lalouette

Fearless Leader

Nicolas Bakala

Speaker Recruiter

Anaraya Albornoz Biewers

Lead Magnet Strategist


Roberta Salzano

In-Person Event Planner

Nicholas Barone

Volunteers Animator & Content Roady


Stephen Lurie

Chief Engagement Officer

Maëlys De Santis

Content Magician

Elodie Moulières

Cool Brand Director


Meeriam Zouein

Head of Buzz

Stéphanie Courty

Head of Media Relations

Inès Ikar

Light Side Buzz Padawan

Thi Hoang Oanh Nguyen

Dark Side Buzz Padawan


Useful information

What is the motivation for B2B Rocks?

We adore SaaSs! Why? Because we love entrepreneurs and disruptors.

Think about the impact SaaSs have had in barely twenty years. Yes, we've seen wealth creation and an exponential rate of innovation, but better still, now we have a growing worldwide entrepreneurial culture of like-minded, creative pioneers. B2B Rocks wants a world where a SaaS can be created by anyone, anywhere on the planet. Where opportunities exist for everyone,  everywhere. A world in which future generations are fully engaged and empowered to realize their dreams.

Let’s Rock!

This year's B2B Rocks will be held at the Domaine de Biar luxury estate just five minutes from Montpellier, because not only do we want to bring people together, but we want to do it in a beautiful place.

Of course we do. Start by contacting us. However because we believe in the Pay-it-Forward philosophy we also offer steep discounts, even free tickets, to entrepreneurial dreamers. In both cases, everything starts with a conversation.

B2B Rocks puts health and safety first and will do everything necessary to ensure our event from June 9th to 10th is as secure as possible.