B2B Rocks Interview series

Get to know the experts who will help you grow.

Antoinet Van Dalen, Regional Customer Success Manager, Cegid, Leading with Customer Success

Leading with customer success has become so important nowadays. Why is it so important? What are the benefits and the keys to achieve our goals?
Listen to Antoine Van Dalen and find out how it's evolved and why organizations need to focus more on CLG and customer success.

Roni Sharabi, Co-founder, MENAco, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship Role in Unlocking Change

There is so much change within mentoring and entrepreneurship. Now, how does it drive innovation and development? Roni Sharabi will tell you all about the Middle Eastern - North African politics barrier and the essentials keys to overcome politics.

Rodrigo García, Chief Strategy Officer, Uruit, What has changed in product design in 2022?

Product management and product design have changed so much in 2022. Now, how can companies overcome this skill gap and sudden changes? What's happening to data-driven designs? Listen to Rodrigo García talk about these changes and benefits of new automation tools as well as the relations between CX and product design.

David Petrella, Sales Lead, EMEA, Cloudflare, How SaaSes Reduce Innovation Barriers

Your SaaS is growing - but is your cloud infrastructure enough to support it?
David Petrella explains how important it is to have a strong technical base for your product, in order to deliver in terms of user experience and security.
Check out his interview now to grasp how SaaSes reduce innovation barriers.

Alison Murdock, Founder & CMO, Trusted CMO, Go-to-market & First Marketing Hire

You need both art and science to be effective in Marketing. But not all founders are scientists, or artists! And that's OK.
Listen to Alison Murdock's spot-on advice to strengthen your marketing strategy!

Emilia d'Anzica, CEO & Founder, Growth Molecules, Unlocking Strategic Growth with Customer Success

The first sale is no longer good enough. Have you ever considered Customer Success as a Profit Center?
Focus on extending your customer lifetime value - and your revenue will organically grow while your customers are increasingly faithful to your product.
Check out Emilia d'Anzica's interview!

Jean-Baptiste Marcé, CEO & Co-founder, CloudNetCare, How SaaSes Unlock SaaSes

SaaSes are impacting everything: how we build companies, how we innovate, time-to-market.
Listen to how investing in your SaaS stack can help startups increase value-creation while reducing time-to-market and risk.
Jean-Baptiste Marcé from CloudNetCare tells you all about it!

Lloyed Lobo, Co-founder at Boast.ia & Traction, Disruptive Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Founders, there's one important lesson to learn if you're looking for growth: "Focus is the most important thing." You can trust Lloyed Lobo. As a serial entrepreneur, he's experienced failures and successes! Listen to his interview to understand why you should focus on focus.

Roi Sorezki, Twik.io CEO & Founder, Thoughts on Hiring for Growth

You're growing your team and you're wondering: how can I avoid mishire?
Well, although there's no magic formula, Roi Sorezki does have tips to share & help you out! Check out his interview to hire for growth.

Gabriele Papievyte, Venture Capitalist, Inovia Capital, The Importance of Humble Curiosity

Whether you're a CEO or in a C-level position, humble curiosity should be your motto every step of the way. Active listening is actually underrated; it can bring you the actual keys to grow your business:
  • customer needs to improve your product,
  • better culture and talents who actually fit, by highlighting diversity,
  • overall, never assume anything: keep your mind open and be willing to learn on all levels!
Are you a VC? Gabriele Papievyte has some tips for you too!

Aurélien Tardieu, Revenue Architect, Winning by Design, Scaling Growth

What if your sales funnel was actually a sales bowtie? Aurélien Tardieu shares his best advice on scaling growth.
Here's food for thought to change your perspective on sales-marketing-CS alignment!

Kurt Smith, VP Product Strategy & GM, FastSpring, B2B & B2C Convergence

We have met with Kurt Smith at B2B Rocks 2022: he shares his insights on B2B & B2C convergence.
Guess what? Maybe you don't have to choose between either a B2B or a B2C strategy. They can both benefit your SaaS company!

Claire Dognin, Managing Director, Time for the Planet, Leveraging Tech Ideas to Fight Climate Change

We have met with Claire Dognin ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: she shares her insights on leveraging tech ideas to fight climate change

Zénon Vasselin, Senior Consultant, Carbone 4, ESG, Carbon Footprint & Responsible Growth

We have met with Zénon Vasselin ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: he shares his insights on  ESG, Carbon Footprint & Responsible Growth

Kat Borlongan, Chief Impact Officer, Contentsquare, CIO: an Impact Role for a more Sustainable Industry

We have met with Kat Borlongan ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: she shares her insights on CIO: an Impact Role for a more Sustainable Industry

Renaud Visage, Co-founder, Eventbrite & Business Angel, Technology's Next Challenge: Ecology

We have met with Renaud Visage ahead of B2B Rocks 2022. He shares his insights on technology's next challenge: ecology.

Joy Sioufi, Partner, GP Bullhound, The Power Duo: Founder/CEO & Advisor

We have met with Joy Sioufi ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: he shares his insights on the power duo: Founder/CEO & Advisor

Gilles Samoun, Founder & CEO, Salesmachine, Increase Revenue using Product-Led Growth

We have met with Gilles Samoun ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: he shares his insights on increase revenue using Product-Led Growth

Liam Boogar-Azoulay, VP Marketing, Scaleway, Tomorrow's Cloud

We have met with Liam Boogar-Azoulay ahead of B2B Rocks 2022: he shares his insights on tomorrow's cloud

Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, Europe, Zoho, Drive Growth by Solving Problems

Have you ever wondered what different market approaches Zoho uses?
Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director at Zoho will tell you all about building a partner ecosystem and localization which are key to Zoho’s success. He will also talk about Zoho’s global ambitions and give valuable lessons to startups.

Andreï Sochala, VP of Sales, Aircall, Aligning Sales Compensation With Strategic Goals

If you're a startup, how can you make the most of compensation programs?
Andreï is VP of Sales at Aircall - a cloud-based system that is directly integrated into a CRM. He tells you all about the important strategies in sales compensation and what mistakes not to make with your business.
He also emphasizes how crucial it is to match sales compensation to strategic objectives. Listen now!

Benny Verhaeghe, Co-founder, Collibra, Top 3 Founder Lessons going from 0 to $20 million in ARR

Do you want to know how to go from $0 to $20 million in ARR?
Benny Verhaeghe, Co-founder at Collibra will tell you all about his background and insight on Collibra’s focus. He will also talk about the different lessons when working in sales and the importance of being true to yourself.

Caroline Tailleferd, CMO, Deepki, Structuring Marketing Teams for International Growth

Caroline Tailleferd, CMO at Deepki will talk about the differences between French and American marketing practices and which skills are the most needed in marketing heading. She will enlighten the future of marketing and the skills to master it but also a global overview of Deepki's missions.

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